Color Blind Pal

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Color Blind Pal helps people who are color blind see the colors around them.

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Android and iOS

Color Blind Pal for Android and iOS helps people who are color blind see the colors around them. It also lets people with normal vision see what it's like to be color blind.

Want to know what color something is? Now you don't need to ask a friend - just open the Color Inspector to get a descriptive name, like "bold brown".

Want to see all colors more clearly? Use the Color Filter to shift colors that are hard to distinguish toward colors that you can easily distinguish. It'll be as easy for you to spot an orange pumpkin in a green field as it is for everyone else. Or, do you have normal color vision and want to know what someone who's color blind sees? The Color Filter can also simulate any type of color blindness. Open the preferences (with the ⓘ button) to select your color blindness type.

Press "Inspecting Color" or "Filtering Colors" to switch between the two modes.

Simply open the app and point your device's camera at what you want to see! If someone gives you a green form and a yellow form and asks you to fill out the green one, open the Color Inspector to tell which is which. If you're struggling to read a color-coded map, use the Color Filter to make the colors easy to distinguish.

With Color Blind Pal, you can do the following and much more:

Color Blind Pal is packed with powerful features to make sure you never need anyone else's help seeing colors.

Additional features in the Color Inspector include:

Additional features in the Color Filter include:

Don't be held back by color blindness ever again - get Color Blind Pal today!


Color Blind Pal for Mac allows people with color blindness or color deficiency to see the colors on their screen more clearly. It also lets developers see what their screen looks like to someone who is color blind.

The Color Selector feature shows the color at your cursor, including a descriptive name like "faint green". It tells you what the color's hue, saturation, and value are, so you'll know exactly what the difference is between, for example, "teal" and "cyan".

The Color Window feature isolates a color of your choosing so you can see what parts of your screen are that color. For instance, you can look at a picture of a sunset through the Color Window and cycle the selected color from purple to yellow to see exactly what colors are where. You can use the Shift feature to change the hues that are harder for you to differentiate to easier colors, based on the color blindness type you select.

You can easily open and close the Color Selector and the Color Window with keyboard shortcuts or a menu bar icon.

With Color Blind Pal, you can easily do the following and more:

But wait, there's more! Enjoy these powerful features too.

The Stripes feature in the Color Window draws a striped pattern on selected colors, like red. This feature makes it natural to see whether a color is red or green while still preserving the actual color.

The Color Portal lets you apply the Color Window to your whole screen while still directly interacting with the windows behind it. Never work without color vision again!

The customization features let you personalize Color Blind Pal. You can turn on developer color codes for the Color Selector, change the color names to "scientific" or "colloquial" with different color name packs, set your own keyboard shortcuts, and customize the Color Window toolbar.

How to use the app

Check out this short demo of the Android app!

Color Blind Pal has a lot of features. These annotated screenshots explain what all the buttons do. (Note: this particular example is for red deficiency. Remember to set your color blindness type in the preferences.)

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